The harp is a fascinating and mysterious instrument, whose music, art and craftsmanship have had a lasting bond since ancient times.
With this in mind, the Museo dell’Arpa Victor Salvi has created a collection of educational pathways so children and youngsters can approach this wonderful world. A visit to the Museo dell’Arpa and to Salvi Harps offers a journey through the history of this age-old instrument: beginning with antique harps – real treasures of art - we will explore its entire sound universe right up to the techniques and secrets of the most advanced manufacturing. This experience can be combined with our in-house recreational and educational workshops, or a visit to some of the most interesting local places: Castello della Manta, a property protected by FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano (National Trust of Italy), and La Fabbrica dei Suoni in Venasca. A unique occasion to experience first-hand and in an enjoyable way our artistic excellences.

All the proposed activities are led by professionals of the sector with proven experience, and prices include adequate insurance coverage.
There is a Museum Shop with gadgets and dedicated accessories inside the Museum.

Schools and groups must book their visits by calling:
+39 0175 270510 or by fax at +39 0175 270512
or by e-mail at:

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