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It is the first and only museum in the world entirely dedicated to the harp, its history and its sound universe.

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Pieghevole istituzionale Museo Victor Salvi

The evolution of the harp:

The origins

Sèbastian Erard

Victor Salvi

“The origins of the harp can be traced back to distant times (…). We do not know anything about the harp that David played, as we do not know who invented ours. The names of those who invented useful or pleasant things are usually buried in the darkness of the ages. This is not so much because the writings of those who wanted to preserve these names for posterity were lost, but because most of our inventions are not the work of a single man, but of the human race.”

D. Diderot, Encyclopedie

Entrance fee

The guided tour is included in the entrance fee.

Full price: € 7,00

Reduced price: € 4,00 (6 to 12 years of age and over 65)

Free admission: up to 5 years of age, harpists and harp class students

Groups: special rates, contact the Museum

Free admission upon presentation of the card

Reduced price

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The museum participates in the project

Alcotra Pluf

Opening Hours

Covid-19 health emergency

Green Pass required from August 6th to access the Museum

Download the regulation
Download the complete protocol

The visit will take place in pre-established time slots:

Monday • Friday
morining 9.30 • 10.30 • 11.30
afternoon 13.30 •14.30 •15.30

Morning 10.00 • 11.00 • 12.00
Afternoon 14.00 • 15.00 • 16.00

Sabato chiuso

Closed until February 28, 2022

Accessibility services for visitors

The tour is also available for partially sighted and blind people.

Disabled parking available inside upon request.