Double-action pedal harp - fourchettes system

France, Paris, Domèny
Circa 1830

Total height: cm 165,5
Maximum depth: cm 89
Weight: kg 21,1
No. of strings: 44
No. of pedals: 7

This harp is signed: Domény Facteur de Harpes. Rue du Faub.g St Denis N° 82 à Paris. Cident N° 16. IER Medaille d’Argent à l’Exposition de l’Jndustrie Francaise de 1827 N°88; further back, towards the neck of the resonator, you can read: Lambert. From a structural point of view, the soundboard has a semi-circular section and reinforcement chains inside it; the resonator is made with laminated wood and is further reinforced with brass plates that enclose the double-action mechanism. The semi-circular sectioned soundboard has five ogival holes on the rear, enclosed by a trapezoidal frame, which reminds us of the swell doors of the reinforcing eighth pedal. The decoration of this instrument belongs to the neo-archaeological type; in addition, the pedestal is supported by four rather prominent golden lion’s paws.