Single-action pedal harp - à bèquilles system

Francia, Parigi, Cousineau père et fils
C.a. 1785

Total height: cm 162
Maximum depth: cm 78,5
Weight: kg 17,4
No. of strings: 38
No. of pedals: 7+1 for reinforcement

This harp was manufactured in Paris in the Cousineau workshop, whose name appears on the high part of the soundboard and on the opening at the back of the resonator; number 146 is marked under the pedestal while K36 is on the base bottom. From a technical point of view, the presence must be noted under the wrest pins, of mobile nuts to better tune the instrument. From a structural point of view, there are no sound holes on the soundboard; they are instead on the central stave of the case and are closed by valves, operated by the reinforcing eighth pedal. The central stave is particular as it is extractable and is held in position by a long linchpin. From the resonator, it is possible to see the exposed mechanism and the soundboard is entirely oil painted, with particularly exquisite romantic and rural landscapes in a style that reminds of the one of Watteau.