Burmese Harp

Second half of the XX Century

Total height: cm 74,5
Maximum depth: cm 87
Weight: kg 3,6
Materials: wood, leather, enamels
No. of strings: 16

This harp follows all the traditional rules of construction of the Burmese harp: the centre strip of the harp, where the strings are attached is arched to the top of the instrument which resembles a bird’s head. This line is drawn down through the shape of the soundbox, which is hollowed out of one block of wood and covered with chamois leather. The sixteen silk strings are attached to the centre of the harp by using red tassels. The whole instrument is decorated with gilded element with small mirrors and sequins. This harp is more of an antique than the SC1030 and is dated to around the first half of the 20th century. It is worth noting the characteristic arched shape which gives the impression of a boat. For this model the silk strings were tuned with the help of adjustable knots on the red cord. The crocodile model has wooden tuning pegs and the red tassels are only used as traditional decoration.