Double action pedal harp - fourchettes system

U.S.A., Chicago, Lyon & Healy
Circa 1904

Total height: cm 187,3
Maximum depth: cm 102,5
Weight: kg 38
No. of strings: 47
No. of pedals: 7

This harp was manufactured in Chicago by the Lyon & Healy Company; engraved on the brass of the neck is the writing: Lyon & Healy Chicago Makers N° 801 Manufactured under five Patents. Number 807 is also engraved on the base. From a structural point of view, the soundboard has a semi-circular section and reinforcement chains inside it, as well as a special metal reinforcement; the resonator is made with laminated wood and is further reinforced with brass plates that enclose the double-action mechanism. The design of this Japanese style harp (reinterpreted with a view to art nouveau), was created by the Lyon & Healy artisans in 1898; the original model had brightly painted figurines, while this example is entirely covered with gold leaf.